Bulk SMS

What is Bulk SMS ?

iwebhost’s SMS Platform offers top Quality of Service, combined with a wide range of delivery routes and a wide coverage map. Our platform comes with industry leading options such as an API in 5 different programing languages , a desktop app, mobile apps for android, Blackberry and JAVA as well as a web based app for ease of access and easy integration. Also see software development section for custom SMS solutions

Who can use it and for what?

iwebhost’s platform is versatile in terms of functionality and applications. Here are a few examples of the various applications of this platform and users of this platform.

  • Marketing Agencies,
  • Politicians,
  • Communities,
  • Radio/TV Stations,
  • Retail Shops / B2B Businesses
  • NGOs
  • Social Workers
  • Medical care service provides
  • Document processing centres
  • and anyone wishing to create a customer list in order to inform them.

Simply log in or open the appupload your list of recipientstype in your message and click Send.

Messages are sent via the Internet directly to your recipients’ mobile phones, and you get statistics and reports, all online, at one place.

Some usage ideas

  • SMS Alerts / Reminders
  • Calendar Meeting notifications
  • Send Mobile Coupons to your customers
  • Send Last minute promotions
  • eShop Order Status Notifications
  • SMS Invitations Send sms or a map with event’s location